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Ecclesiastial Associate Degree of Theology

This is your clerical costs for the Associate of Theology
Below is the only cost you will incur.  When you select and submit a payment plan and you will receive a link on your online receipt that will take you to your personal, private account.  There, you will find your online classroom.
TSFTI Costs for Administration of Degree Certification, Transcripts and Grading Ongoing student document file supervision and account updates

Degree Certification

Transcripts $55.00
Grading $45.00
Ongoing student document file supervision and account updates $160.00
TSFTI Administrative Costs Grand Total $333.00


Select single payment and we will include, in your account, one of our most popular and effective utility Libraries with over 85 premium personal accessible Biblical Affirmations a $175 value

When you make payment online you will receive an enrollment link with your receipt.  Follow the procedure and you will find yourself immediately in your account with access to your classroom.

Single Payment $333.00

Payment Plan - 10 monthly debit
 payments of of $33.00


 The Associate Degree in Theology program is a necessary, accelerated program that will prepare you for the Bachelor program when you graduate
Associate of Theology Pricing without 100% Scholarship

Credit Hour Costs $80 per Credit x 64 Credits


 Registration Fee

Total Program Cost $5218.00

Grand Total - No Charge


Standard Associate Degree Costs



Student Support
When you secure your Scholarship with online payment, on your receipt
you will receive a link to fill out enrollment information.  Click on that link
and complete it and you will be taken to your private secure account where
you will find your accredited classroom.  There you will be able to view your
progress, and see any payments you make.  You will also have the option of
Express Priority
Support to send your questions on a direct route to our student
counseling staff and/or other departments such as Billing and Technical Support
.  Your secure environment is protected by cloud based security technology.

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Online Classroom with 12 E-Books and Videos

You will receive this classroom curriculum in your account with online
video teaching and 12 download e-books at no extra charge.

4 Credits

Prayer Precepts
Credits 8
Praise and Worship Dynamics
Credits 4
This course is a must for the new and vintage believer alike. It will give you a fresh view of the basics and fortify your doctrinal roots in the new creation life.
Prayer Precepts
Take a journey through the many forms of prayer found in the scriptures. Your prayer life will come alive as you progress through this lively course.
Praise & Worship
Learn the six valuable inspired Hebrew words for praise, their meanings and how to employ them. Your worship life will be enhanced and strengthened.

Fruit of the Spirit
6 Credit Hrs

Triune Man
Credit Hrs 4
Oneness of God
Credit Hrs 4
Fruit of the Spirit
Everyone would like to have a fruitful life.  However, it takes knowledge.  This text will give you the knowledge you need to be fruitful in every realm of life.
Triune Man
Explore and understand the biblical makeup of man.  Learn vital information about the spirit, soul, body and mind. Gain self awareness in Christ.
Oneness of God
Learn the mystery of the Godhead.  You will obtain a clearer union with God.  Learn the office and operations of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the body of Christ.

Divine Guidance
8 Credit Hrs

Authority of the Believer
Credit Hrs 4

Credit Hrs 6
Divine Guidance
Learn guidance that has been known only to true apostles and prophets. Escape the mouse in-a-maze mentality and be amazed and God's plan for you.
The authority we have has been given to us by Jesus Christ.  Learn the when and how to use it. Your faith will be galvanized through this expose.
Is there a hundredfold return?  A new testament tithe?  The laws of seed-time and harvest are explored through this in-depth biblical study.

Health and Wealth
4 Credit Hrs

101 I Am's
Credit Hrs 4
The Four Phases of the Work of Christ
Credit Hrs 8
Health & Wealth
Hit the mark of God's provision for your life. Understand His will concerning health and wealth.  Learn the answers to age old questions.
101 I Am's
Become the you God says you are by internalizing what he says about you.  Put on the mind of Christ through this in-depth labor of entering rest in Christ.
Four Phases 
Essential to every believer in Christ.  The secret of the keys of the kingdom shall be unveiled by the Holy Spirit.  Learn how to apply life governing principle.

Curriculum Statistics

Course Name
Number Of Words
in Text Book
Total Number of Scriptural References Total Number of Scriptural Reference
Verses Printed
of Q & A
Length of Video Lecture
Regeneration 5,659 86 84 12 1 hr 
47 min
Prayer Precepts 11,481 203 168 14 2 hr
57 min
Praise and Worship 5,021 66 64 6 1 hr
9 min
Fruit of the Spirit 5,024 60 54 5 1 hr
3 min
Triune Man 5,523 75 70 7 1 hr
25 min
Oneness of God 5,770 114 108 7 52 min
Divine Guidance 12,387 180 164 9 2 hr
32 min
Authority of the Believer 7,192 115 110 8 1 hr
5 min
Laws of Reciprocity 6,030 90 90 6 2 hr
27 min
Health and Wealth 5,913 114 114 5 48 min
101 I Am's 8,767 255 134 n/a 1 hr
Four Phases of the Work
of Christ
5,779 262 197 n/a 2 hr
27 min

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New Covenant in Christ Theological Degree Programs

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Why you should take this program

1.  Victory and Freedom.  You will receive the most clear and concise instruction concerning your walk in Christ.  You will experience victory and freedom in your walk that will enable you to minister effectively to others. (How can you minister to others if you yourself are still hurting?)

2.  Credibility.  Upon completion you will receive our 36 credit hour Associate Degree in Christian Studies, verified by a diploma and transcripts of the grades you receive from your final exam.  This will lend credibility to your ministry, as you know, God is the one who calls and ordains us but man is always looking for that certificate on the wall.  

3.  Start Immediately.  You can start on the day you are approved.  You will receive immediate access to our online classroom containing the entire Life In Christ Training System. (12 textbooks and 23 hours of videos).

4.  Licensing  When you graduate you will be eligible for ministerial licensing through The Sure Foundation Fellowship.

5.  Empowerment.  When you are finished you will be fully equipped and thoroughly  furnished to minister the life that is in Jesus Christ to others.  This will make you effective and successful in your walk and calling.

6.  Cutting Edge.  We are the first to provide an online video and text classroom (1998).  We know that time is short and we desire to help you get to your destination with accelerated, proven tried and tested, training.

7.  Training Method.  For your convenience our courses are Christ centered and scripturally sound.  Hundreds of scripture references are printed out in each textbook .  You will find our scriptural training to be clear, concise and in context.  Our training method will increase your ability to learn and absorb the information in the course.


8.  Accelerated learning.  The Trail Blazer Associate Degree training curriculum was strategically written.  It is chronologically and sequentially layered beginning with Regeneration.  Logically, this is where it begins, with a theological, clear understanding, of what occurred when you first accepted Christ.  You are then gradually taken on a journey, culminating with in-depth study of The Four Dimensions of the redemptive act of Christ, through which you can simply access your inheritance in Him.

9.  Ease.  Go into your online private student account and simply click on the text and video and you are on your way to an exciting journey of learning that will bring depth and clarity to your walk in Christ.

10.  World Wide Support.  You will receive world wide prayer support from our student body and non-denominational fellowship.  We number in the tens of thousands from all 50 states and 107 nations of the world.

11.  Life In Christ music.  You will receive MP3's of select songs from this collection with words that coincide with what you are learning.


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Q.  Do printed books come with my program?
A.  NO.
The "books" are provided in several formats and may be printed out directly from your computer to form a large 3-ring Binder. 

Q.  Do we have to attend “classes”? 
A.  NO.
Through this proven and tested, accelerated program you can take classes with video and text online or at your own pace.

Q.  Is your course available in other languages? 
A.  YES.
  We currently offer our texts with a language translator in 50+ languages.

Q.  What is your refund policy?
A.   We have a 30 day full refund policy.  If you are not satisfied after going through the first class (Regeneration), in the first 30 days after your enrollment, and you are not completely satisfied you may request and receive a refund.  After 30 days there are no refunds.

Q Are there semesters, starting times and completion dates at The Sure Foundation Institute? 
A.  NO.
You only have to take the first class within the first 30 days to be eligible for a refund.  Afterward time you may complete the program at your own pace.

Q.  Can I become a licensed minister after I complete the training?
A.  YES.  Upon completion and graduation from our Associate Degree in Ecclesiastical Theology program you will be eligible to apply for a ministerial license through The Sure Foundation Fellowship International. 

Q.  Are you an accredited school?
A.  YESOur credits are recognized by The Sure Foundation Fellowship International, a non-denominational ecclesiastical body.  Transferability depends largely upon the accrediting agency of the school you are transferring to.  We do provide transcripts with which our students have had great success in transferring their credits they receive from our school.


Here are a few of the schools that our students have successfully transferred to with their transcripts and diploma from our school:

Cal Baptist
Trinity Bible College, Newburgh, IN
Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, MD
Jacksonville Theological Seminary, FL
Azusa Pacific University, CA
Southern Indiana Bible College, IN
Apostolic Theological Bible College, FL
Warren-Robbins University – International
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, CA
New Grace Bible College
Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, GA
Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS), British Columbia, CANADA

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Mission Statement
The Sure Foundation was established in 1977 with a vision to rapidly equip believers in Christ, who are in a state of strong desire and fire for their call. We were compelled to produce programs that were condensed and highly compressed into the essential core doctrines and truths of the Scriptures and remove the extraneous, non-essential doctrine and dogma of institutional religion. The programs were created to chronologically and sequentially carry the believer on a journey with clear and concise rapidity, that strategically instills a high level of absorption and retention of illuminated truths. We are confident, you will experience a dynamic increase in your vision and foundation of the embodiment of your ministry for the Lord

The Institute is operated by TSF Ecclesiastical and accredited by its academic presbytery. Established 1973, Incorporated 1977 recognized and accepted by many schools, institutions and occupational venues nationally and around the world.

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We are Inter-Denominational
Students are enrolled from multiple different denominations

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Statement of Faith

We believe in, and live by, God the Father Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ,

His Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost
through the Word of God and born of the virgin Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified dead and buried.
He descended into Hell and He stripped Satan of his power.
Upon the third day He rose again and ascended into Heaven
where He is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
We believe in the Holy Ghost, the worldwide body of Christ (His Church), 
the forgiveness of all sins, the resurrection of the dead,  the communion
of the saints, and life everlasting. We believe that through a profession
of faith (trust) in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, 
His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension;
one may become a partaker of their inheritance in Him.

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1.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God written by holy men as
they were instructed by God. It is the inherent Word of God (11 Tim 3:16).

2..  We believe that Man was created good and upright, for God said, “Let us
 make man in Our own image, after Our likeness.” But man, voluntarily transgressed
against God, and God has provided man with his only hope of salvation and
redemption which is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God
(Gen. 1:26-31, 3:17, Rom. 5:12-21).

3.  We believe that Jesus came as a man, was born of a virgin, and His father is
God. We believe that Jesus was born without the inherited sin of Adam and,
during his entire life, committed no sin. Jesus was the eternal Father made visible,
apart from whom there is no God
(I Tim. 3:16, John 10:30, Is. 9:6, Luke 2:11, Rev. 1:8).

4.  We believe in the personal salvation of believers through the confession of
sins, recognizing that Jesus Christ is the substitute for our sins, through His shed
blood. It is by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ and His shed blood,
that we become an heir of God (Rom. 10:9,10, 1 John 1:9, Eph. 2:8,9).

5.  We believe that the New Birth is a direct witness of the Spirit and is an inward
confession of Jesus Christ (Rom 8:16). We believe that following salvation through
Jesus Christ you should be commanded by the Lord Jesus.  This
was the last command He left His apostles. “Go ye therefore, and teach all
nations, baptizing them, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy
Ghost.” (Matt. 28:19) Mark 16:16 reads, “He that believeth, and is baptized,
shall be saved...”

6.  We believe in divine healing through faith and that healing is a benefit
of the atonement.

7.  We believe in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and that these gifts are given
throughout the Body of Christ and are in operation today (I Cor. 12).

8.  We believe in the imminent return, second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
for His Church (His bride).

9.  We believe that there is a heaven and a hell. Heaven is a place of eternal
rest for the righteous (those who have accepted Jesus Christ as
atonement for their sins) and hell is a place of eternal damnation for the
unrighteous (those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior)
(Matt. 28:19, Mark 16:16).

10.  We believe in the millennial reign of Jesus – the revelation of the Lord Jesus
Christ from heaven, and the millennial reign of Christ and His followers on earth
(11 Thes. 1:7, Rom. 11:26,27, Rev. 20:1-7).

11.  We believe in the Great Commission – to minister God’s saving grace and to
reach out to the poor and lost in spirit (Mark 16:15). And foremost, to honor and
obey God’s command, “take the gospel into all the world.”


The Internets First Virtual Bible School
"Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, 
a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a
sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste".  Isa 28:16

V I S I O N   F O R   T H E  F U T U R E
S e e k i n g   G o d   i s   t h e   P R I O R I T Y

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